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[3] Miss the Swiss

Zurich, Switzerland

November 6 – 8: Zurich, Switzerland

My November travel started off with catching up with a high school friend, Sejal. With our work schedules we haven’t had the chance to spend some time alone so it was a perfect little getaway to reconnect. Thankful for our memories but most thankful for her love of food. Friday night we went to dinner at a Vegetarian restaurant, Tibits, where you weigh your food and pay. I’m not sure why we thought it was a set price but ended up paying more for that dinner than going to any other restaurant. The rest of the night we walked around Zurich in central Altstadt (Old Town) along the Limmat River.

On Saturday, we took a trip a few hours out of Zurich to Interlaken. As usual, I was getting in trouble everywhere I went. I got yelled at for having my feet up on a seat… and more importantly because I had my feet up on a first class seat. My Zurich post may be short but I’ll let the pictures speak for itself. When you walk onto the Interlaken grounds, you are facing a picture perfect sky with mountains as the backdrop. Then we took a (very long) walk to a Lake and watched the sunset in Switzerland. That moment, just sitting there watching the sunset on the lake with mountains in the background is what I’ll keep with me forever. On our way back to Zurich we stopped by the town of Bern.

Sunday morning we spent walking around the rest of Zurich – walked by Fraumunster and St Peter church and the Gewerbeschule museum (I had to look up these names after the fact). We took a stroll along Bahnofstrasse, the heart of shopping district. This was window shopping to a whole other level. Most things were closed on Sunday so we ended our trip by sitting on the edge of Lake Zurich.


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[2] Hungry in Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

October 9 - 11, 2015

This is my first European travel and I’m so excited and partially worried about the size of my carry on bag! My first Air B&B experience was lovely– a two bedroom loft apartment. Maybe because it was my first trip, or maybe because of the beauty in its architecture, but Budapest is one of my favorite locations so far (… to be fair this is written in Feb 2016 and I have only been to two other countries). That night we went to one of the Ruin Bars (Szimpla) – which are Pubs built from old ruins. Szimpla was pretty hipster – eclectic pieces of furniture/household items to make tables and decorations – skiis into benches, an amusement park car into a table for two, etc. There was a couple sitting next to us on a tree stump table (we were trying to steal the table from them) and noticed instantly that they were American, from Oregon/San Fran (Kelsey and Eric). We instantly became friends and the four of us spent the evening together. (Side note - I'm going to San Fran for work soon and I can't wait to reconnect with them!) We went to a market for foods and later that evening walked up to Citadella, which is the lookout point of all of Budapest. We trekked up the hill (felt like a mountain and also felt like it was never ending) at 11pm at night with only flashlights from our phone. Pretty sure Anika was going to kill me for that workout. Out of breath we turned the corner at the top of the hill and instantly forgot about how tired we were. The view from Citadella of Budapest at night is absolutely breath taking. I could have stayed up there forever. I can’t believe I get to have these experiences.

The next day we did a hop on/ hop off tour and went to different locations (Great market hall, Szechenyi thermal bath spa, etc) and got to see more of Budapest during the day and did a boat tour at night. Some of my favorite pictures from Budapest were taken that night. That night we went to another Ruin Bars (Instant) with Kelsey and Eric – such a weird building it had about 30 rooms of various sizes and various purposes (couches in small rooms, dancing, pool table, bars) and ended up staying for an hour or two before someone admitted they were sleepy. Thank God haha none of us could stay up anymore but no one would admit it.

The final day we finished off the historic sites – Fisherman’s wharf was one of my favorites. It felt like a castle in the sky. We went to parliament during the day and ended our trip with the best dinner – it was so simple. A traditional Hungarian langos (fried bread with cheese on it – traditionally with sour cream but if you know me, I opted out) and a simple house salad with fried goat cheese and balsamic dressing. Oh and they have the besttttt paprika sauce ever. I wish I brought some home with me.


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[1] Just Touched Down in London Town

The move.

I've decided to start this blog for myself - Not so much to remember all the touristy sites I've visited, but more so to remind myself about how I've felt during these moments. Please excuse any grammatical errors. My mind doesn't always make perfectly crafted sentences.

My stomach is turning knots while I’m at Newark airport checking in. One way flight to London, please. I walk back to my mom and my bags and guess who I see running across the terminal? Brinda. What a friend – she made it to see me off. Standing in the security check line my mom starts tearing up and I yell at her to leave (classic Priti, always showing anger in uncomfortable situations). The next thing I know I’m sitting alone at the gate half in tears thinking about turning back around. They will understand if I change my mind, right?

Took a deep breath and I boarded the plane and was welcomed to London rain (flood was more like it). I look outside my car window and see the London Eye pass by on my right and decide I’m going to like it here.

That night I met up with Anika for subpar Mexican food and ever since then, I have been on a journey to find excellent Mexican food in London.

I’m here. This is now home.

PS- Shout out to my family for the camera where I can pretend to be a photographer.


^What's moving to London without some Harry Potter love?

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